Ally Bank Routing Number: Which One Should I Use?

Unlike most banks, Ally Bank uses the same routing number for different types of domestic payments. For local transactions like money transfers, automatic payments, and online payments, you’ll need these numbers.

  • Ally Bank routing number: 124003116
  • Ally Bank Customer Service: 000 1 7570247-2559

Ally Bank Routing Number

Knowing a bank’s routing code is as crucial as knowing your Social Security number and account number. After all, it will guarantee that the cash is delivered to the right account and on time. After all, it will help you avoid reversals or delays in payments.

Like most online banks, Ally Bank doesn’t have too many routing numbers for domestic transactions. But they have an international routing number for international wire transfers.

  • Ally Bank domestic routing number: 124003116
  • Ally Bank international routing number: 021000021

How to Find Your Ally Bank Routing Number

Credit unions and banks use these numbers for a wide range of financial transactions. Large banks have numerous routing numbers as per region, while online ones have 1 or 2 routing numbers. But where can you find your Ally bank routing number?

Like most banks, you can find the routing number on the personal checks or their official website. On the check, the routing numbers are the first 9 digits on the left corner of the check. They are usually followed by another set of numbers for check numbers and account numbers.

Other places you can find the right Ally bank routing numbers are:

  • Your online account: Most online banks, including Ally Bank, let their client view their bank account and routing numbers from the dashboard.
  • Search for it in Fedwire: You can search for the routing number in Fedwire using its name or state.
  • Contact customer care: Using the above number, you can call the bank for the right details.

Ally Bank Wire Transfers

When transferring cash, you should first log into your account. Go to the dashboard and pick “transfer.”

Domestic Wire Transfer

Generally, domestic wire transfers take up to 24 hours, but it will depend on the details provided and the day sent. Therefore, you should provide the following details when making domestic wire transfers:

  • The name of the receiving bank
  • The exact name of the recipient
  • The recipient’s account number
  • Ally bank routing number

The domestic wire transfer number for Ally Bank is as follows:

  • Domestic routing number: 124003116

International Wire Transfers

When doing international wire transfers, you’ll need the SWIFT code and a unique routing number. So make sure you use the following international routing number instead of the domestic routing number. SWIFT identifies the bank that’s receiving or sending the cash to another nation.

For international wire transfers, you’ll need these details:

  • SWIFT code: CHASU33
  • International Routing Number: 021000021

Ally Bank Routing Number FAQ

How long does Ally Bank bank transfer take?

Generally, it takes 24 hours if done between Monday to Thursday, but if it’s Friday, then you’ll have to wait for 3 days.

Can Ally Bank receive international wire transfers?

Yes, Ally Bank won’t charge you for the transfer, but the sending bank will charge you for the transaction.