HDFC Bank Routing Number: IFSC & MIRC Codes

HDFC Bank, based in India, does not have a routing number in the traditional sense used by banks in the United States. Instead, HDFC Bank uses the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) which is the equivalent of the HDFC Bank routing number (but only works locally).

  • HDFC routing number: Different IFSC and MIRC codes for all branches
  • HDFC customer service: 00 91 22 6760 6161

HDFC Bank Routing Number

HDFC Bank does not have a routing number as it is an Indian bank. In India, banks use the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code (MIRC) for interbank transactions and identification.

Therefore, there is no single HDFC Bank routing number, instead, all branches have their own IFSC codes. Some examples of HDFC Bank routing numbers (different for all branches; 5,608 branches in total) are as follows: 

Sr. No.Branch NameStateIFSCMICR
1Nehru PlaceDelhiHDFC0000096110240044
2Connaught PlaceDelhiHDFC0000240110240051
3Karol BaghDelhiHDFC0000241110240052
4Chandni ChowkDelhiHDFC0000242110240053
5Rajouri GardenDelhiHDFC0000315110240058
7Defence ColonyDelhiHDFC0000706110240064
8Vasant KunjDelhiHDFC0000760110240067
9Dwarka Sector 6DelhiHDFC0000795110240069
10Greater Kailash – IDelhiHDFC0000823110240070

How To Find Your HDFC Bank Routing Number

Since there is no single HDFC bank routing number, you will have to verify specific details before making a transaction.

You can find the IFSC code (the equivalent of the HDFC bank routing number) on your HDFC Bank account statement or checkbook. The IFSC code for HDFC Bank is a unique alphanumeric code that consists of 11 characters and starts with “HDFC.”

You can also contact your branch directly for assistance. Call the customer service number or the specific phone number of your branch. The bank representative will provide you with the accurate IFSC code and address of your branch.

HDFC Bank Wire Transfers

The exact wire transfer process varies depending on the type of account (Personal, NRI, SME, Wholesale, Agri). It’s recommended to contact HDFC Bank directly or visit their website for specific instructions.

Here’s a rough overview of the information you’ll need:

Domestic Wire Transfers

For domestic wire transfers, you need to know the following:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Their bank name and address
  • Recipient’s bank account number
  • IFSC and MIRC codes (these are only needed for domestic transfers)

International Wire Transfers

When it comes to international wire transfers, you don’t need an IFSC or MIRC code, instead, you’ll need their SWIFT code.

Here’s what you need (and it goes both ways):

  • Recipient’s name
  • Their bank name and address
  • Bank account number
  • SWIFT code

HDFC Bank Routing Number FAQs

How many routing numbers does HDFC Bank have?

HDFC Bank has multiple routing numbers (or more specifically, IFSC codes), with each routing number corresponding to a specific branch or location.

Do I need a routing number for domestic transactions within India?

Yes, you need the IFSC code for domestic wire transfers, but for international ones, you’ll need the SWIFT code instead.

Are HDFC Bank Routing Numbers different for different states or regions?

Yes, the IFSC codes are different for all branches (and by that extension, for all regions).

Can I use the same HDFC Bank Routing Number for all types of transactions?

Yes, you can use the same HDFC Bank routing number (IFSC) for all types of transactions associated with that particular branch.

Can I find the routing number on my HDFC Bank account statement?

Yes. But your best bet is to contact your branch directly for the IFSC number information.