WAMU (Washington Mutual) Routing Numbers

WAMU was the biggest savings and loan association in the United States until 2008, when it collapsed, and JPMorgan purchased it. 

Therefore, all the accounts were transferred to JPMorgan Chase, which means that WAMU clients’ are currently using JPMorgan’s routing numbers.

  • Washington Mutual bank routing number: 021000021
  • Washington Mutual bank customer service: 800-788-7000

WAMU Routing Number

WAMU is currently using JPMorgan Chase bank routing numbers which vary with state. Remember, they acquired WAMU’s banking subsidiaries in 2008 minus the equity claims and unsecured debts. Therefore all WAMU accounts started using Chase routing numbers.

This is why most folks have seen Chase routing numbers showing WAMU when inputting details for direct deposits. Therefore, you have to confirm the routing number of your home state before transferring cash. Some of their routing numbers include:

  • Washington: 325070760
  • Vermont: 083000137
  • Virginia: 044000037
  • Utah: 124001545
  • Texas: 111000614
  • South Carolina: 072000326
  • Florida: 267084131
  • Connecticut: 021100361

Remember, every state has its unique routing number, with New York having two:

  • Upstate: 022300173
  • Downstate: 021000021

How to Find Your WAMU Routing Number

There are several places you can find the right routing number, with the most common one being on your check. The routing number for your local branch is usually on the left corner of the banker’s check. It’s the first 9 digits that are followed by your bank account number.

Other ways you can find your WAMU routing numbers include:

  • Call the bank customer care: you can always call Chase’s customer care and get the exact numbers. You can even find out more about international and domestic wire transfers.
  • From your online account: log in to your online account, and you’ll see your account numbers and routing numbers on the customer dashboard.
  • Visit JPMorgan Chase’s official website for a list of their routing numbers and pick the one that applies to your transaction.

WAMU Wire Transfers

For the WAMU wire transfer, you must first log in to your account and then look for the “transfer” icon on the dashboard and click it.

Domestic Wire Transfers

Domestic transfers take up to 2 business days, so make sure you have the recipient’s routing number and the beneficiary’s name as per their account. To send cash within the US, you should do the following:

  • Add the recipient’s details: these details include the recipient’s country, address, and name.
  • Add the recipient’s banking information: provide the receiver’s routing numbers, and if it’s transferred to another WAMU account, you should use the Chase routing number.
  • Enter extra banking information: verify the receiver’s details and then add their account and mailing address.
  • Verify the recipient details: before completing the transaction, you can verify the details and make the necessary changes. 

International Wire Transfers

For all WAMU international wire transfers, you must have JPMorgan Chase’s SWIFT and their international routing number. SWIFT helps identify the recipient’s bank. On top of that, you’ll need the recipient’s name and bank account.

  • International routing number: 021000021
  • SWIFT Code: CHASU33

The process is still the same, but instead of the routing number, you can use the international routing number and SWIFT code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WAMU use the same routing number as JPMorgan Chase?

Yes, WAMU uses the same routing numbers as JPMorgan Chase, as it was acquired by JPMorgan in 2008.

Does WAMU still exist?

No, WAMU does not exist as an independent entity anymore; it was purchased and absorbed by JPMorgan Chase in 2008 following its collapse.