Best Wallet Alternatives

Wallets are a staple for most people, but what about those that don’t want (or can’t have) something in their back pocket all the time. For those, a wallet alternative may be a better solution.

We looked everywhere for the best alternatives to a traditional wallet and evaluated hundreds of options to come up with the list below.

10th Place: What if you combined a hat and a wallet? That’s the idea behind this. It may not always be practical, but when it is, this ball cap wallet is a great option.

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9th Place: If you absolutely don’t want to carry around a wallet you can misplace, a shoulder bag may be for you. This one comes in tons of colors and has anti-theft features that are great for travel. Bonus: It’s also really affordable.

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8th Place: A waist wallet is a good alternative for some people, but they’re not as popular as some options. This waist wallet is the best of the bunch though, earning it a spot on this list. They’re convenient for some people, and definitely secure from pickpockets. 

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7th Place: A great alternative to a traditional wallet is to hold your valuables on your phone. This stick on genuine leather card and cash holder will work with any smartphone, and comes either with or without a holder ring.

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6th Place: The Hide & Drink Waxed Canvas Utility Pouch is an excellent product. You’ll be able to carry all your valuables on your hip in rugged style. The waxed canvas should last years, and the price is good.

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​5th Place: The Rothco Canvas Utility Pouch is a simple, very affordable (less than $10) but very durable option. It’s got an all black, tacticool look, and is sure to last many years.

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4th Place: Next up, the Firebird Handmade Genuine Leather Ammo Pouch. This stylish soft brown leather pouch places your goods on your belt. It’s easy to access, wears well, and will last a lifetime for a very small amount of money.

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3rd Place: While it’s still a wallet technically, we wanted to include the Slimfold Minimalist wallet because it’s truly small enough to carry in your front pocket. This one is also RFID blocking and waterproof.

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2nd Place: The Hero Neck Wallet is our runner up. It’s excellent quality, and can hold everything you need with separate pouches. It’s also very easy to conceal, and a great tool for travel or keeping your valuables with you in pick-pocket prone areas.

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1st Place – WINNER – The best wallet alternative that we evaluated is the Blackhawk Molded Handcuff Pouch. It may be made for law enforcement, but it’ll carry your goods in style, and it’s utterly un-killable. Blackhawk stands behind their products 100% too, so you’re in good hands. If it’s good enough for law enforcement, and good looking, it’s worth checking out as a wallet alternative. 

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Wallet Alternative FAQs: 

Why use a wallet alternative? 
Wallets are fine for most people. But for those who live in pickpocket prone areas, travel frequently, have back problems, or have sit a lot, they may not be the best choice. Reconsidering how you hold your valuables is worth doing and this list provides some great options that you may not have considered.

What are the pros and cons of wallet alternatives?
Pros: Wallets are convenient, easy to grab on your way out the door, and stylish for some. The alternatives on this list offer all those benefits with some important changes. In many cases, that includes an option to have your valuables with you but not have them in your back pocket – a location that can be problematic for many reasons.
Cons:  Wallet alternatives may be more prone to being forgotten, difficult to remove money from, or more bulky in some cases.

Who should consider wallet alternatives?
Anyone who’s experiencing back pain from sitting on a wallet might consider some of these wallet alternatives. Similarly, those who have to sit a lot at work may not want to always sit on their wallet and risk developing back pain. Lastly, people who need additional security over what a normal wallet provides would be well advised to consider an alternative.