How to Make Money in College

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If you suddenly realize you don’t have enough money to pay for your tuition or buy clothes, we know what you mean. 

Eating ramen noodles because you can’t afford decent food is no fun, especially if you need to cover your living expenses and save some cash to start your business later. However, being broke is not the only way to get through college. 

Pursuing an academic degree is crucial for your status as a successful student, but knowing where to make extra money with all the youthful energy that you’ve got will save you a lot of trouble. 

So, what are the most reliable choices for college students when it comes to finding an extra source of income? Check out the list that we have compiled for your convenience.

Become a Freelance Writer 

If you frequently receive emails from your fellow students, starting with “Could you write my papers for me?” and have a reputation as someone who can create delightful texts from scratch, then becoming a freelance writer could be the best solution. 

Anyone good with words can start making money by helping others with their essays and resumes. You can start by offering your writing assistance on campus. Don’t be afraid to establish a specific price for your services. 

Letting someone take your efforts for granted will never allow you to become the freelance writer you have always dreamt of being. You can also check out websites that collaborate with online businesses and need someone to create blog posts on a regular basis.

Manage Social Media Pages 

In this day and age, many businesses have come to realize that their online presence should be a meaningful one. For this reason, they need someone young and creative as a part of their team. 

While on the job, you will follow the latest social media trends and promote their brand. You can start as a social media manager for your college group or a large academic project. Once you have the necessary skills and experience, you can apply for the same position at large business corporations. 

Larger companies are always looking for a fresh perspective and a new angle to present their services online, so hiring someone TikTok-savvy for their brand could be the best move on their part.

freelance writer and student

Take Surveys Online 

Although taking surveys online may not bring you massive income, it will still allow you to earn some extra cash that you can use to pay rent or buy food. Participating in online surveys is especially convenient for college students who have some spare time throughout their day and are not burdened with too many academic tasks. 

Reputable websites like MyPoints or Swagbucks will offer small rewards for expressing your opinions on various subjects, with most surveys taking about 20 minutes to complete. You will receive points for your efforts, which can be cashed out as dollars once you have enough on your balance.

Work in Customer Service 

You may wonder why you need that job as a waiter or a cashier if a bright academic future is waiting for you, but you have to realize that working in customer service can teach you a lot of essential skills. 

As you apply to local cafes, restaurants, or retail stores, you will realize that working with people, managing your time, and learning about new financial systems are complex skills that can be useful across many disciplines. 

You will also learn to interact with different customer types and remain polite and professional at your workplace. Even if the job is temporary, it will still bring you enough money to navigate your college life easily.

Sell Old Textbooks 

Did you know that used textbooks are very expensive? If you are a college student who has made it their goal to become the best in class, you have probably collected quite a lot. You can earn money you’ve spent on the books you purchased at the beginning of the semester by selling them when the class ends. 

You can start by attending the campus bookstore and asking them for their assistance with the sales. 

Even if you don’t like what they are offering in terms of price range, you can always join a Facebook group for used items. You can also go to the local sales boards, where lots of people are looking for an opportunity to buy a copy of your textbook so they can continue their studies while you pick up new ones for the next semester.

Get an Internship 

Paid internships are a great way to make money while in college and gain valuable skills for your future job. We recommend applying to several internships at once because some have only a few slots for college students and can open a year in advance. 

Treat your paid internship as a tryout period for your career of choice. Once you attend your college resource center to get information on available internships, you can start writing cover letters and participating in every internship interview you can find. 

Although finding a paid internship may be tiring for college students who are already overwhelmed with tasks, your efforts will pay off once you receive your first paycheck.