Spreadsheet of all Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are a powerful new Federal program that was designed to spur investment in certain low income census tracts. It was launched in 2017 and intended to create new building projects in the places that need it most. Essentially, the program allows investors to defer unrealized capital gains, and lower the amount of taxes they pay on those gains. 

Opportunity Zone investments must be made in the ten years following designation of the zones in order to be eligible for the tax advantages. With investors able to defer taxes on capital gains, they can reinvest a significantly higher portion of the money they’ve earned over time on other investments.

The tax advantaged status on the gains made on Opportunity Zone investments makes the program even more valuable. As such, investors can make tax advantaged gains on capital they would have lost to taxation without the program. For this reason, savvy investors have taken notice of the Opportunity Zone program, and are looking for ways to put money to work.

Each state was charged with the responsibility of designating Opportunity Zones from a list of low income census tracts. States were able to designate a certain number based on their populations, and the US Treasury then ratified the selections. The new Opportunity Zones are not changeable under any circumstances, and will be in place until 2028.

Finding a downloadable list of all the Opportunity Zones in the US is weirdly hard, but we’ve got you covered. The link below includes every Opportunity Zone as recognized by the US Treasury. It’s in .xlsx format so you can view it in Microsoft Excel, or upload it to Google Sheets. We hope this makes your investing in Opportunity Zones easier!

​If you would like to download a spreadsheet of all Opportunity Zones in Microsoft Excel format, click the link below. 


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